When are cancellations not possible?

There are certain scenarios where it is difficult for us to support cancellations

– Cancellations request is made outside the specified time frame of 7 days

When are Refunds provided?

Refunds are issued when

– we or merchant cannot provide replacement

– we or merchant fail to provied you the service that was promised

– you have not claimed the service within a period of months time from date of purchase (80% of your total amount is refunded rest is deducted as processing fees) 

– In-line with Buyer Protection, when a dispute has been ruled in your favor

I’ve still not received a refund to my bank account. Why?

If you have received a mail from us confirming your refund request then rest assured that we have initiated your refund request and are following up with financial organizations for the same.

Sometimes financial organizations take a longer time to process the refund request. However, if the refund hasn’t happened by the date we promised, you can contact us. We will gladly help you.

Cancellation and subsequent refund will also go through if we are unable to resolve a genuine technical fault within 2 business days from the time you had reported the error.

Unfortunately, an order cannot be cancelled once the item (service) has been delivered to you.

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