We as “KripKaftan” are concerned about your privacy at www.kripkaftan.com. In this Privacy Policy, references to “you” mean any person submitting any data on website either via using front End User interface or and special logins provided by KripKaftan.

KripKaftan Privacy Policy defines and outlines the Data Collection and its Usage. Any personal or non personal data collection is done in order to make the purchase and overall experience better with KripKaftan.


Data Collection

We collect information where it is needed to do so and will collect only the relevant information required to execute the desired process with you.

In order to offer you seamless and smooth shopping experience we collect various personal and non personal information at the time of

•             Registration/sign up,

•             Creating a User ID

•             Merchant Account creation

•             Financial information while making an online purchase, upload content

•             Participating in online survey/contest

•             Communicating with customer service by phone

•             Writing reviews and feedback.

We collect, store up and process your data for executing the purchase process and any possible future claims, and to provide you with our services.

Data Collection from our end

1.       Title & Name,

2.       Gender, Date of Birth, Any Other Important Date/Occasions

3.       Email address,

4.       Postal Address & Delivery Address,

5.       Contact Numbers: Telephone number, Mobile number, Fax number,

6.       Payment details, Credit/Debit/Cash Card details or Bank Account details.


All the payment transactions are processed by third party payment gateways, and all your transaction and order details will be saved with the third party Payment Gateway. However all the top sensitive information like your Banking/Credit/Debit Card information are saved in a highly encrypted environment.


All or some of your information may be used in order to place your order with us.


We capture your anonymous information by tracking pixel codes, this information is stored on server which help us in providing insight about your preferences, page/s visited, duration of visit, no of visits, browser, operating system of your computer, visited from mobile or desktop and IP address.


Your anonymous information without your personal details may be shared with shared by the sponsors, advertisers, strategic business partners of KripKaftan.


Data Usage

 Collected Data Usage is important for following:

  • For Payment Processing
  • Delivery of Product at your desired/preferred venue.
  • Keep you update on delivery status.
  • Product return and cancellation process
  • Sharing any important update in KripKaftan Policy/ies.
  • Sharing surveys, feedbacks, Offers and other marketing communications which KripKaftan feels are of  your interest
  • For any judicial process or in any investigations, as permitted by law.


We may further share your Title, Name, Address, Billing Information, and Contact No. to our suppliers/Logistic partners/affiliates to serve you timely and in a best way possible. You understand that sharing your data with our partners is only to facilitate the purchase and delivery process timely or for easy settlement of any claims.


We may use your data in order to improve our website search and overall consumer experience,


Your order details and Information are saved with us under your “My Account” and it can be accessed by you any time by using your username and password. Information can be changed by accessing My Account tab on www.kripkaftan.com


It is understood by you, that you must only submit accurate, non misleading and up to date information about you and about your payment details. Also you are required to keep us update of any change of the information, being saved earlier with us, Like- Change in Address, Contact no, email address etc.


You acknowledge keeping your login details confidential and will not share the details with any unauthorized agency/vendor/associate, failing to do so, we would not be held liable for any misuse of your login details and account activities.


You understand that any content uploaded by you on the Website, may contain information including Personal Information, Images and other details and same may be available to the other users of the Website. We will not be held liable for the misuse of such information.


Privacy Code of Conduct:

  • No sharing of your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent by us.
  • No Selling of your personal information to third parties by us
  • Your all personal and non personal information will be used for Purchase/Delivery, Improving website and consumer experience.



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